“As a family-owned business in Prosper, it’s important to us to provide a great customer experience with fine attention to detail.”

At TruCarve we want you to feel excited about your project, and we hope it shows that we are thrilled to work with you.

Welcome to Trucarve Printing and Engraving, Prosper.      
Welcome to Trucarve Printing and Engraving, Prosper.      

Welcome to TruCarve Printing and Engraving

Award-Winning Printing and Engraving Services in Prosper, Texas

For over six years, TruCarve Printing and Engraving has been the go-to destination for all your printing and engraving needs in Prosper, Texas. As a women-owned and locally-owned business, we take pride in delivering top-quality products with exceptional customer service.

Our Services

Engraving Services: Discover our wide range of engraving services, from custom tumblers and personalized tumblers to custom ink shirts and customizable tumblers. Whether you’re looking for laser engraving, metal engraving, or wood engraving, TruCarve has you covered with the latest technology and skilled craftsmanship.

Custom Apparel: We specialize in creating stunning custom t-shirts, custom hoodies, custom sweatshirts, and custom tee shirts. Our tshirt printing and t shirt design services ensure your apparel stands out with unique and high-quality designs.

Tumbler Cups: Choose from a variety of tumbler cups including stainless steel tumblers, insulated tumblers, skinny tumblers, and slim tumblers. Each tumbler can be customized to your specifications, making them perfect for both personal use and corporate gifts.

Laser Engraving: Our state-of-the-art laser engraving services cater to various materials, including wood, metal, and glass. From laser engraving for wood to laser etching, our expert team ensures precise and beautiful results every time.

Digital Printing: TruCarve offers large format printing, digital photo printing, and digital print solutions. Our services include vinyl decals, vinyl wall decals, acrylic signs, and custom vinyl decals for cars.

Corporate Gifts and Promotional Items: We provide a wide range of corporate gifts and promotional items for businesses. From company swag and corporate holiday gifts to personalized gifts for employees, we have the perfect items to promote your brand and show appreciation.

Why Choose TruCarve?

Local Expertise: As a locally-owned business, we understand the unique needs of our community. We’ve proudly served Prosper, Texas, for over six years, building a reputation for excellence and reliability.

Award-Winning Quality: Our commitment to quality has earned us numerous awards. We strive to exceed expectations with every project, ensuring you receive the best products possible.

Customer-Centric Approach: At TruCarve, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We offer personalized services and quick turnaround times, including same day engraving options.

Diverse Product Range: From promotional giveaway items to engraved tumblers, our extensive product range ensures you find exactly what you need.

Contact Us

Ready to get started? Visit us in Prosper, Texas, or contact us today to discuss your next project. Whether you’re searching for custom shirts, engraving services, or specific items like custom tumblers and personalized tumblers, TruCarve is here to help.


For the past 25 years, Don has helped launch & lead telecom marketing and operation teams across the US.  His spare time was spent riding his Harley, remodeling homes, building scaled models, or tinkering with powder coating and etching.

Michelle brings her juggling experience to the table to make sure the projects all stay on time.  She’s been a RealtorÒ in the DFW area since 2013 and when not selling houses, managing their twins & 2 big dogs, or working out, spends her “free” time helping Don with designs and projects.  Her knowledge of the real estate and food industries provide a unique perspective when creating house-warming gift baskets, business signs, and home décor. Her background has also allowed us to stay organized by managing the back office and inventory management system.

The quality of the graphic being engraved or sublimated makes all the difference in the final result.  The old phrase “Garbage in, Garbage out” is totally true in the laser engraving world.  We have 3 very talented designers on contract who provide us with design flexibility in numerous areas of our business.  We have a designer specifically for sign design and layout and 2 designers that specialize in vector artwork conversion and AutoCad design.  We have one designer on staff that is Adobe Design Certified in both Illustrator and Photoshop.

We maintain numerous agreements with the industry’s largest  suppliers, giving our customers better availability of products.  We are fortunate that 4 of our distributers have warehouses in Dallas and 2 additional in Texas, allowing us to reduce shipping times for material.

How to Choose the Right Printing and Engraving Company

Why choose us

When in the process of choosing the perfect company for digital printing and laser engraving, it’s essential to look beyond just the price tag. Prior to settling on your decision, it’s crucial to consider these key factors:

– Take a detailed look at the specifications of the machines, including the size of the areas available for printing and cutting, their cutting power, the clarity and detail of the printing resolution, and whether there are additional machines on hand in case of technical failures.
– It’s also important to assess the workshop’s environmental control measures, such as the efficiency of the air filtration system, which plays a vital role in maintaining a clean and safe environment. Furthermore, evaluate how well the space is organized and kept clean. Another significant aspect to consider is the type of software the company utilizes for its operations; proprietary software may pose restrictions that could affect the flexibility of your projects.
– Lastly, don’t hesitate to ask the company if they are willing to provide a demonstration of their working process, show off projects they’ve completed in the past, offer references from previous clients, and commit to guarantees regarding the precision and timeliness of their work.

Local Equipment and Production

Choosing between local printing and mail order printing can be a crucial decision for businesses and individuals alike. Here’s a detailed breakdown of why opting for local printing might be the better choice:

1. **More Control and Oversight**

– **Direct Communication**: With a local printer, you can easily visit the shop, discuss your needs in person, and make sure they understand your requirements fully. This face-to-face interaction can lead to better customization and personalization of your order.

– **Immediate Feedback and Proofing**: Local printers often provide proofs that you can review on-site. This allows for immediate feedback and ensures that the final product meets your expectations before it goes into mass production.

2. **Quality Assurance**

– **Color Consistency**: As you mentioned, no two printers will print colors exactly the same. With local printers, you can review color proofs and make adjustments on the spot, ensuring the final product looks exactly as you envisioned.

– **Hands-On Inspection**: You can physically inspect samples, which reduces the risk of errors. If something is off, it’s easier to rectify it quickly.

3. **Quick Turnaround and Problem Resolution**

– **Faster Production Times**: Local printers often have quicker turnaround times because they don’t have to deal with the delays associated with shipping. If you’re on a tight deadline, a local printer can usually accommodate last-minute changes or rush jobs more effectively.

– **Immediate Problem Fixing**: If an issue does arise, it can be resolved much more quickly. You can directly address any mistakes and have them corrected without the time-consuming process of mailing items back and forth.

4. **Supporting Local Economy**

– **Community Support**: Choosing a local printer means you’re investing in your local economy and supporting small businesses in your community. This can foster good business relationships and contribute to community development.

– **Personal Relationships**: Building a relationship with a local printer can lead to better service over time as they become more familiar with your preferences and needs.

5. **Environmental Considerations**

– **Reduced Carbon Footprint**: Local printing can be more environmentally friendly. It reduces the need for long-distance shipping, which in turn cuts down on fuel consumption and emissions.

– **Less Packaging Waste**: Local orders typically require less packaging compared to items shipped over long distances, leading to less waste.

6. **Customization and Special Requests**

– **Tailored Services**: Local printers are often more flexible and willing to accommodate special requests or unique projects. They can offer custom solutions that might not be available through larger, mail-order companies.

7. **Cost-Effectiveness**

– **Hidden Costs**: While mail order might seem cheaper upfront, hidden costs like shipping fees, return shipping for errors, and potential delays can add up. Local printing can sometimes be more cost-effective when all factors are considered.


While mail order printing can be convenient and sometimes cheaper, the benefits of using a local printer—such as better control, quality assurance, quick problem resolution, and support for the local economy—often outweigh the advantages of mail order. For projects where precision, speed, and customization are crucial, local printing is usually the smarter choice.

Our Machines vs Hobby Lasers

Currently we operate two different laser engraving platforms to provide us the flexibility needed to service our customers – commercial CO2 and fiber lasers. All of the platforms are redundant, allowing for continued production, even during maintenance or breakdown.


We have invested in a robust range of lasers incorporating multiple technologies, giving us the flexibility to engrave items as small as 1/32th inch diameter to materials as large as 12 feet long

Size:  We can engrave products ranging from 1mm in diameter to 5’2 wide and 12’ in length.  We can cut thicknesses on most materials (other than metal) up to 1.5” thick.  This includes hardwood and acrylic.

Redundancy:  All of the services we offer to our customers are managed on lasers with redundant backup machines and up to date software schedules.

Maintenance and Storage of machines and laser data:

Our laser machines are maintained to manufacturers’ specifications. They are cleaned on a daily routine and go through a detailed service check every 2 weeks or 200 hours of run time (whichever comes first). All of our maintenance and repairs are logged for tracking purposes and we maintain in service warrantees with our manufacturers.  All of the machines’ configurations are backed up to the cloud in real time and a historical record of the backup is kept for two years.  This minimizes down time if a machine has to be replaced.