Laser Accessories that expand our product engraving offering

Our goal when we built TruCarve was to give our customers flexibility. The equipment we have invested in gives us the flexibility to provide our customers with the proper choices for their engraving needs. With our CO2 lasers we can engrave a vast selection of material including wood, fabric, plastic, glass and some metals. With our fiber lasers, we add the flexibility of deep engraving and cutting ferrous and non-ferrous metals. We are also a Licensed Federal Firearms Dealer and provide SOT engraving for Class 3 firearms, as well as customized gun engraving services.

Too many times we see our customers suffer from engraving mistakes due to the wrong rotary accessory being used OR even worse no rotary being used at all! To get an engraving to look detailed, uniform, and accurate to the digital file, you have to keep it the exact distance from the laser head and stable. Focal distance to the product directly effects the width that the laser engraves and the farther away the laser is, the wider the beam of light becomes. 1mm out of focus can make the difference between an excellent high resolution image and a low resolution, distorted and less detailed engraving.

Engraving on a curved item without using a rotary is a major corner cut and should be a huge red flag to the quality of work and care the engraver is putting into your product. (Maybe put something like this as a quote from me on the page somewhere)

Numerous accessories allow us to engrave around the circumference of items using multiple rotary style attachments. Many of our competitors invest in only 1 style of attachment, limiting their capability. We currently offer 5 styles of rotary equipment, giving us tremendous flexibility and vastly improving the quality and consistency.

If a laser business doesn’t invest in the proper equipment to engrave your product, then how can you trust them to provide the proper attention to detail needed to get your project perfect?

What we can make for you

Tumbler and Drinkware Engraving on Powder Coat, Stainless and Ceramic
Wooden Signs
Large Diameter Signs Circular Signs
Large Diameter Commercial Signs
Acrylic Signs (Indoor and Outdoor)
Gun Engraving Services
FFL Transfers
SOT Engraving
Custom Gun Engraving
Knife engraving
Glass Drinkware Engraving
Wood Engraving and Cutting
Cutting Boards
Wood Cutouts
Signs & Decor
Metal Engraving
Multi Color Metal Engraving
Engraving on most painted, powder coated and anodized surfaces
Bottle Engraving
Glass Etching and Engraving
Rotary Engraving and cutting
Tumblers – Stainless and Powder Coated

Steel Tubing
Gun Barrels
Plastic Tubing
Glass Candle Stick holders
Soccer, Volleyball, Football, Basketball, Bowling Ball, Baseball, Golf Ball, Cricket, hockey pucks…….
Salt and Pepper Mills
Baseball bats
Most Other Drinkware
High Resolution Engraving
Micro Small Fonts, barcodes and serial numbers
Jewelry engraving
Award Fabrication and Engraving
Signs and Acrylic Displays
Leather cutting and engraving