There are several factors to consider in choosing the right laser company, and the cost is just one of them. Consider the following before choosing your laser engraving company. What are the machines’ cutting area size, cutting power, and redundancy (backup machines)? How are the air filtration (environmental consideration), cleanliness, and organization of their shop? Also, what software do they use, and is it proprietary to the machine (a big red flag and limits the engraver)? Lastly, are they willing to show you their process, provide examples of completed jobs, offer references and provide guarantees of timely completion and accuracy?

So often we get calls from customers telling us they have had a problem with their project from another engraving company. Often, this is because the customer went with a “laser engraver” that is actually a hobbyist. These companies operate a known manufacturer laser that is specifically marketed to hobbyists at an introductory price point and mass manufactured overseas. These machines are exactly what they say they are (hobby lasers). These machines are smaller, slower, with lower power and limited in scale and quality. These lasers also focus on ONE laser technology which limits them to a limited amount of materials that can be engraved.

Our Machines vs. Hobby Lasers

Currently, we operate two different laser engraving platforms to provide us with the flexibility needed to service our customers – commercial CO2 and fiber lasers. All of the platforms are redundant, allowing for continued production, even during maintenance or breakdown.


We have invested in a robust range of lasers incorporating multiple technologies, giving us the flexibility to engrave items as small as 1/32th inch in diameter to materials as large as 12 feet long

Size: We can engrave products ranging from 1mm in diameter to 5’2 wide and 12’ in length. We can cut thicknesses on most materials (other than metal) up to 1.5” thick. This includes hardwood and acrylic.

Redundancy: All of the services we offer to our customers are managed on lasers with redundant backup machines and up-to-date software schedules.

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